In our family, we have 2 people that have their birthday’s just after Christmas, and they are just about far enough away from Christmas Day itself that they do actually get 2 presents.  But every year I love hearing those phone ins where people tell of all the weird and wonderful ways they manage to celebrate birthdays whilst still embracing Christmas.

One of my favourite stories was about a family where the Birthday Girl got to choose the theme of Christmas Dinner each year.  Occasionally the Turkey and Trimming did make an appearance, but the lady phoning in had great stories about all their wonderful Christmas photos showing them tucking into BBQs, Mexican Tortilla’s, and Pizza for Christmas Lunch.

But what do you do about the Christmas decorations?  Do you take them down, swap them over to Birthday decorations half way through the day?  Or do you do as one lady told and turn the Christmas Tree into a Birthday Tree and cover it with Balloons to hide

Another family told of how their child got to “pick” their birthday day each year, so Christmas stayed Christmas, but their child had grown up experiencing all sorts of different birthdays, summer garden parties, crafting parties, football parties, Halloween themed disco birthday parties, trips to theme parks, and all the things that they couldn’t otherwise do on their birthday because everywhere was shut – they really had tried it all.   I admit I do tend to like this approach, because there really is nothing worse than getting bikes or rollerskates for your Birthday and then not being able to use them properly for 2 months.

And what about that whole “one big present instead….” thing.  It’s bad enough having to go 365 days without a present anyway let alone ending up then getting only the one present, but every person who has a birthday between Christmas eve and New Year will tell you that its an easy option that many present buyers take.

However, there are some special positive things about having your Birthday on Christmas Day – firstly, you never (well probably) won’t have to work on your birthday, and the chances are that most of your family will be having the day off, and with you or near you, to enjoy the big day with.  And this is kind of special, particularly as grown ups and as birthdays become less important, it’s really nice to have your family around you on those special days.

So if you have someone with a Christmas Day birthday in your family, share with us your top tips and stories on how to keep it special.