sand art party for adults - childrens party hosts

If you ever wanted to know what Kids Bee Happy Party hosts do when they all get a day off together, well here is your answer – they have a Sand Art party!!

Every year, Kids Bee Happy party consultants travel from all over the UK for our annual conference, where we all share tips, techniques and learnings on how to do the best childrens parties.  This year we held the event in London, and it was a fantastic day with lots of fun.   And of course, just like every party there has to be a birthday boy or birthday girl, Joanne Williams got nominated, and did an absolutely fantastic job.

But seriously, although days like this are lots of lots of fun for everyone, we choose to share this with you so that you know that when you book a Kids Bee Happy party, its not just a random person that rocks up and switches on their ipod, there is a whole load of thought, planning and training that goes into making sure that your party is as good as it can be, and that everyone has a good time, and that importantly we all do it to make sure that it is good fun.  It’s a terrible job, lol.  But someone’s got to do it!!

birthday girl