As we get towards Halloween I am always reminded of a local vicar’s wife who instead of the usual treats, hands out toothbrushes and toothpaste to the Trick or Treaters.  Although it was a little controversial when she first started this, I’m glad to say that her house has now become an absolute must and definitely the busiest house on the trick or treat circuit.

But it is a good prompt to ask the question, should we make Party Food healthier?   Now of course here i’m not talking about changing food for allergies and intolerance, but just as a general thing.  Should the chocolate fingers be swapped for Carrot sticks, or should we be swapping Top Hats for Broccoli Tots at kids parties?

As a mum myself, I used to dread the Pink Wafers, these simple party snacks in my mind might as well have been satan’s snacks.  I could be guaranteed that after only a couple of these one of my daughters would be as high as the ceiling for the rest of the day.  So, not wanting to be the the party pooper my tactic was just to fill my kids up before they went to birthday parties – my favourite childrens parties were the 2-4pm ones, where I could give them a big lunch and stuff in all the veggies and vitamins for the day, then that way hopefully they would be too full up to eat more than a couple of those pink perils.

When I was the party host, I do confess that I did offer all the traditional party favourites, but I would also go for the huge big fruit salad plate.  So much so that when Kids Bee Happy held a big party we ordered the biggest most colourful fruit plate that we could think of – and it was the first plate to be cleared.

So tell us – how do you balance healthy eating with the normally sugary and unhealthy kids party snacks?  Is Top Hats and Cheesy puffs in your house?  Or Sushi and Quinoa?  And if you have any tried and tested healthy party snacks please be sure to share them with us 🙂