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Many party activities and children’s party entertainment sometimes unintentionally exclude children with special needs, things like bouncy castles, dance machines, even magicians and entertainers with noisy music, loud microphones, and busy games.

Sand Art is the exception to all of this, and an activity that every child (or adult) can enjoy equally.

Sand Art Parties Are Ideal For Those With Special Needs - Kids Bee Party

Physical Limitations

If the person has physical limitation, mobility issues, or fine motor skills disabilities, then with Sand Art they can still make a picture as wonderful, creative and perfect as the next person.

The way that our Sand Art pictures have been produced, with each section individually laser cut so that they can be peeled separately, means that every child can have their picture perfect, and always stay within the lines if they wish.

For people that find it hard to hold pens, paints, or even bigger things like bottles – we have a solution for that too.  What we do is we put the picture on the tray, we ask the child what section they would like to colour in, and if needed help them peel it.  Then we ask what colour sand they would like -and then we simply pile it on the picture on the tray.  The child can then push the sand around on the tray, or shake the tray, whatever they want.  Then we lift the Sand Art picture up, and tap and shake off the excess, and what is left is a perfectly coloured in section.

This is so vitally important.  It means that when the children have their finished picture, it really does look like they imagined it in their head before they started.

Host a Sand Art Party at Home - Kids Bee Party

Social and Noise

For people who dislike noisy environments, or busy social situations, Sand Art is also the perfect party activity entertainment.

With Sand Art children can work in a group, or they can simply work in their own space using our bottles of sand.  If children don’t want or don’t enjoy mixing with other children and instead prefer working quietly in their own space – Sand Art is just perfect for this situation too.

Attention spans, and frustration

Many children get frustrated when things happen too fast or too slow.  Sand Art has a wonderful natural pace that flows at the speed the child enjoys.

Pick a section, peel a section, choose a colour, sprinkle on the sand, pick a section, peel a section…….

It’s familiar, repetitive, calming.  Many children will work with one of our party hosts, a parent or carer, and again, the pace is just perfect, whilst the adult is peeling the section the child will be looking around thinking about colours, so there is no hanging around and waiting.

Sand Art is Ideal For Sensory Parties for Those With Special Needs Such as Autism

Nothing to spoil – simply finish later

Unlike many other arts and crafts activities, there is nothing, wet to dry, no glue, and therefore, importantly, nothing that can spoil.  At any point in time, anyway through the process of making a picture, the children can simply stop and come back and finish later if they wish.  Just pop the picture in a safe place and finish it when you are ready.

This is perfect for children that are very active, and that find staying still stressful.  Colour in a section of your sand art picture, run around a bit, come back and do another section. Or even finish it another day.

The most important bit

We know that all children are different.  But what we also know is that we haven’t yet a kid yet that doesn’t enjoy our Sand Art parties or workshops at corporate events.

And because it’s an activity with such flexibility, we can really work with you to set things up so that everyone is happy and everyone gets the most out of the party or workshop. So you can rest assured that whatever your considerations, everyone will have a good time – Which is very important to us.

Miyah's Story - Sensory Parties for Those With Special Needs - Kids Bee Party

A customer’s story

A Parent tells us about her daughter’s Sand Art experience with one of our Northern Irish party hosts – Suzi Waddell

“Huge thanks to Suzi for her time and patience helping my daughter and introducing her to Sand Art.  Miyah is 8 years old and Autistic, she struggles socially and has a number of sensory processing issues including an intolerance to sand!! I didn’t think she would go near the sand art but Suzi was great, she wasn’t phased by my daughter’s stimming, and general lack of eye contact, she sat with her and demonstrated how to use the phials of sand to create her picture without needing to touch the sand. 

Miyah was so delighted! Sand art has become one of Miyah’s favourite activities, she likes the routine involved in creating it, that she can enjoy the colours and look that the sand gives without needing to actually touch it, it is her go to activity when she has a tough day and needs to chill. She enjoys showing others how to use it and regularly ‘helps’ Suzi at fairs, thus engaging socially and increasing her self confidence without the acute stress many autistic children feel when around peers.”