Sand Art Party FAQs

Do you have a party host near me?

Kids Bee Happy has over 300 children’s party hosts all over the UK.  So that means wherever you are we DO have someone that can help you. Even if you’re in wilds of the Fife, or even on the Channel Islands, we do have someone near you that would be delighted to help.

Do I have to hire a party venue?

Your local party host can come to you at your home, or if you chose any other party venue, and they will completely take care of all of the Sand Art entertainment, making sure that all of the children have fun making and creating their own wonderfully colourful sand art pictures.

Is a sand art party messy?

No, its not messy. There may be a small bit of sand on the floor, or more likely the odd pieces of yellow paper where the kids miss the bin, but its not drastic and easily cleaned up in a couple of minutes – and our party hosts will do this before they leave.

Sand makes a lot less mess than the kids do eating their party food, and absolutely no where near as much mess as party popper!

What ages is Sand Art good for?

When we speak to you about your party, we will ask how old the children are.  This is because we have the choice of over 100 different pictures, with lots of different levels of complexity.  If you have lots of young children coming to your party we will ensure that we bring simple pictures appropriate for their young age.

If you older children at the party we will suggest more complicated pictures, with more sections and colouring.  If you have a mix of children of varying ages, then tell us that too, and we will recommend a suitable mix of pictures.  Whatever the ages of the children coming to the party, we have age appropriate pictures.

But, if you want a quick and simple answer, the most popular ages for Sand Art parties are ages 5 to 11 years – primary school ages – boys as well as girls.

We recommend for children aged 3+. Sand art can be done by children younger but it really does require one adult/helper for each of the children – which being frank, sounds like quite a stressful toddler party. We would recommend a big room for them to run around in instead – but talk to our consultants about our Water Colour play – because that is really good fun with toddlers.

Sand Art birthday parties are most popular with primary school aged kids. We find that although older children enjoy the sand art just as much, its not really something that they would choose for a birthday party.

How much does a party cost?

All in Sand Art Parties with a party host start at £99 for up to 10 children.  If your budget is lower our borrow boxes are an excellent option for DIY Sand Art Parties without a host.  Parties can be as big as you like, and our hosts will talk to you about how long you’d like us to entertain the children for, how many children, and whether you’d like to do a set number of pictures each, or go for the full unlimited option.

Is it suitable for Weddings, Anniversaries or Christenings

Yes, Yes Yes!  You need Sand Art!  Sand Art is absolutely perfect for parties and gatherings where you have lots of different people of different ages.  The 5-8 year olds will be busy making their own pictures, the 9 year olds and 10 year olds will be busy telling you what you need to do and how to do it, the teenagers will be busy either creating wildly creative intricate pictures, or helping out their younger siblings and cousins.  Aunties and Uncles, grannies and grandads – everyone will end up involved.

How much booking notice do you need?

Weekends in the summer tend to get booked up very very quickly, so we recommend you talk to us early to secure your date.

How much space do i need?

Whatever you have, we can work with that. The space we need depends on how you want to set out the party – so this is why our consultants prefer to talk things through to you before confirming prices. If it’s a small party we can simply use the space on your kitchen table, or your living room floor. If you have more space we can bring tables, we can set up in a dining room, or a kitchen. And if the weather is good we can take it all out in the garden, or a gazebo.

Do you cater for allergies?

Our sand is made from a non-toxic eco dye, and produced to toy standard EN71. There are very few children who are allergic to sand, for example reactions that children may have had on a beach is more often a reaction to something in the sand, rather than the sand itself.

Do you do midweek parties?

Some of our party consultants offer discounts for mid week parties, and can be an ideal alternative for busy summer weekends. And just think how much more special it is for the children to have their party on their actual birthday rather than the weekend before or after it.

Environmentally friendly

Kids Bee Happy sand art pictures are made using recycled paper, eco friendly dyes, and plant based adhesives.   We also try to minimise our environmental impact by avoiding single use plastics wherever possible, recycling our packaging and boxes. You’ll see this in action when our consultants round up all the little yellow sticks and the end of your event.

Are your products Vegan friendly?

Kids Bee Happy products are vegan friendly, with a plant based, non palm oil, adhesive used.