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Sand Art Parties – Creative Children’s Craft Parties

Sand Art parties are the ideal entertainment for your children’s party.  Hands on, bright colourful fun for children of all ages, for boys, girls and mixed groups, and for children of all ages, and for all abilities including those with special needs.

Make your pictures by colouring in our wonderful designs with our bright and sparkly colourful sand. Choose from a wide range of Sand Art designs guaranteed to complement any party theme.

Disney Princess, Cars, and Frozen are always very popular birthday party choices, but have lots more – of course Unicorns but also wildlife, football, animals, weddings, transport, seaside and many many more.

All of our Sand Art pictures are big, and top quality, which means the children really do get to take something proper home with them at the end of the party, something they will keep and display at home to remind them what a fab time they had at your party.

We can adapt the party to suit your needs, time and budget. Sand Art is an activity that children really enjoy and so most children want to make lots of pictures, but if you have other games and entertainment we can simplify it so that the children make just one piece of Sand Art each – it really is up to you.

Disney Frozen Themed Sand Art for Parties - Kids Bee Party
Animal Themed Sand Art Pictured for Parties - Kids Bee Party
Disney Frozen Themed Sand Art Pictures for Parties - Kids Bee Party
rightly Coloured Animal Themed Sand Art for Parties - Kids Bee Party
Disney Frozen Themed Sand Art for Parties - Kids Bee Party
Animal Themed Sand Art for Parties - Kids Bee Party
Disney Frozen Themed Sand Art Pictures for Kids Parties - Kids Bee Party
Bright and Colourful Sand Art Designs for Parties - Kids Bee Party

The perfect kids party!

Sand Art Parties - No Need for Party Bags

No Need for Party Bags!

At a Kids Bee Happy Sand Art Party the children will get to make at least one wonderful colourful picture each, and the best bit is that they get to take this home with them and keep it.

Which means (if you wish) that there is no need to worry about the Party Bags. And best of all, they have something proper and lasting to remind them of the birthday party for months afterwards.

Crafting Parties for All Abilities - Sensory Play, Parties and Workshops

Craft Parties for All Abilities

If you have children with special needs, disabilities, or perhaps Aspergers or Autism where social situations can be scary, then your children will absolutely love a sand art party.

The bright and colourful sand make an instant impact, it doesn’t spoil if the children want to take a break part way through, and the calm and tactile nature of the sand put everyone at ease.

Sand Art - The Perfect Kids Craft Party - Come Rain or Shine

Indoors or Outdoors

If you live in the UK, then the chances are you’ll be crossing your fingers that the weather is good on Party day.  Unlike some other countries we simply can’t guarantee that the weather will be good on the birthday day, and with a Sand Art party that is one thing that you don’t need to worry about.

Unlike a bouncy castle WE WILL fit into your living room, or even the kitchen, or the garden, or a gazebo, or anywhere else you want.  So that’s one less thing to worry about.

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Perfect with other party activities

Are you organising an event or party with lots of different activities?  If so then Sand Art is the perfect crafting party activity to add in to counter-balance all the noisy and energetic activities such as bouncy castles or dance competitions.

Craft Parties For Kids, Girls, Boys, Toddlers - Sand Art Fun For The Whole Family

Craft Parties for Kids

We don’t do Boys Birthday Parties or Girls Birthday Parties, we just do Kids Sand Art Parties and for all ages and genders. Which means whether you’ve got a mixed group, or mainly boys or mainly girls, it doesn’t matter at all.

Everyone will have a great time, because at Kids Bee Happy we do Kids Parties, and that’s what we do best.

We've Got it Covered. Speak to Our Party Hosts UK Wide About Add Ons for your Child's Party

All the Extras

There is so much to think about and organise when it comes to children’s birthday parties. Would you like us to provide Party Invites? Do you want us to bring some goodies for party game prizes? Would you like us to make up party bags for you?

We can take care of the extra bits for you too – just let us know what you would like.

Or – are you looking for a Party in a Box that you can do yourself?

Party Bunting - Kids Craft Parties from Kids Bee Happy

Would you Like a Borrow Box, Ideal for DIY Sand Art Parties?

At Kids Bee Happy our party hosts are Mums and Dads too, which means we live in the real world.  We know that sometimes children’s birthday parties can rack up the costs quite quickly.

So if you’re wanting a lower cost option for your child’s birthday party we can help. Why not try our Borrow Box, Sand Art Kits for DIY crafting parties.

Our children’s party hosts can put together for you a complete sand art party kit in a box, with everything that you need, and even some spare pictures too.

We’ll arrange drop off and collection of the Sand Art box.   You pay a deposit and simply settle up at the end paying only for the bits from the Sand Art Kit that you use. Our borrow boxes are ideal for lots of different situations.

And as you only pay for what you use, it really is an easy choice!

Colourful Bunting - Kids Bee Party

Sensory Parties and Workshops

Sand Art parties are ideal for children of all abilities. Sometimes other forms of party entertainment can be daunting, or unrealistic for those with special needs. Sand art is great form of calm, therapeutic, sensory play for children.  Find out more about our Sensory Parties and Workshops.

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