Kids Bee Happy has done some research and we found that 83% of people asked said that they would prefer to receive a homemade valentines card or gift rather than something shop bought.

The favourite reason given was because that not only did it show that person chose to spend some of the money purchasing a gift, but that it meant more because they had given up some of the valuable time to make something specifically for them.

It’s no surprise that mums, dads, grannies and granddads topped the list of people who most loved receiving a homemade valentines card.

48% of people responded even said that they would much prefer receive a homemade valentines card rather than shop bought gifts including Perfume and Chocolates.

So it’s good news for everyone out there this Valentines day for all of those worrying about being able to afford expensive presents, because your special people would much really rather have something that you made yourself.