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Children's entertainment for your corporate event
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If you are organising a Corporate family fun day, or perhaps a Christmas party for your customers, then Sand Art is the ideal entertainment for your event.

  • Ideal for children of all ages, from tots through to teenagers – everyone will have fun
  • Calm and engaging
  • Very inclusive, for children of all abilities

We keep the children happy and occupied, giving the parents a chance to relax, to talk and catch-up with people, and make full benefit of your corporate event.

Kids Bee Happy has entertainers all over the UK, which means that where ever your business event is, we will have someone locally. For one clear all inclusive cost, our corporate entertainers can do this for you. And if your corporate family event has lots of different activities and entertainers, then all the better.

Sand Art offers a lovely calm and engaging activity, the ideal counter balance to the noisy party games, or busy and energetic inflatables.

Just think – if we can entertain the children for 40 minutes – how would that help your company’s sales, or your business?
Good Practice Award 2018 - Kids Bee Happy
Business Product and Innovation Award - National Finalist - Kids Bee Happy
The National Family Business Awards 2017 - National Champion
Sand Art for Kids Festivals and Charity Events

One thing we know about big events and festivals, is that if you want to have a good time, the kids need to be having a good time too. Festivals can be long days, so quite often everyone will just want to do something where they can chill, relax and just get stuck into doing something calm and fun, especially the kids. 

Sandart for Corporate Family Fun Days

If you are organising a corporate event, family fun day, or perhaps a Christmas party for your customers, then Sand Art is the ideal entertainment for your event. We can be there for the duration of your event, or offer a timed workshop event for a couple of hours – we’re flexible to suit your entertainment requirements.

Sensory Workshops - Sand Art for all Ages and Abilities

Our event entertainers are available to come to your venue for activity sessions on a one off, or regular basis to suit your requirements.  The inclusive and sensory nature of Sand Art makes it ideal for a special activity session and great for corporate events too.

What would it be like if…instead the kids were dragging their parents over to your stand, and if your stand became the family’s stand out favourite of the event?

It really is that simple, and it can cost you less than tea and biscuits.

Sand Art Activities for Trade Shows and Argricultural Events - Corporate Event Entertainment Providers

Trade and Agricultral Shows and Events

Does your organisation exhibit at Trade Shows, or Agricultural Shows?

Do you take these opportunities to lay on a spread, and to converse with your clients, to discuss their year and their future plans, and just remind them that your business is always there to help them?

Trade Shows and Agricultural shows are usually some of the highest cost events in the marketing calendars, but if your event is on a weekend you can be guaranteed that the kids will be coming too, making it hard to get the time to have a proper conversation with your clients.

Children's Entertainment for Car Showrooms - Sand Art Activities

Does your business sell high value items to families?

Do you find your customers sometimes find it hard to give you their full attention, distracted by what their little ones are upto in the showroom instead of being able to focus on your conversation? Does your showroom sell high value items where parents get nervous when young children run around unoccupied?

Sand Art is a perfect way to keep the children busy, freeing up the parents, and enabling them to give you their full time and attention.

If you are having a big sales promotion weekend, we can arrange for a local consultant to come to your venue and keep the children busy and occupied. Our consultants can entertain up to 20 children at the same time, making it much more effective for your business than the normal face painter, and for a very similar cost.

Or alternatively you can use our Sand Art kits / packs to give to the children, which works well for car showrooms and other similar venues where there is space for the children to sit and work at a little table.

Did you know – We also offer brilliantly fun and colourful Sand Art Party packages for kids’ parties too. Visit our Sand Art Parties pages for more information, or contact us today to check availability today

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