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Bathtime fun for Kids with Eczema

All kids love a bubble bath, but if you have one of the 1.7 million children in the UK that experience eczema it might be just one of those things that your children get to miss out on. However, an exciting, colourful and fun range of products from Kids Bee Happy help...

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What do you do when Birthdays and Christmas Clash?

In our family, we have 2 people that have their birthday’s just after Christmas, and they are just about far enough away from Christmas Day itself that they do actually get 2 presents.  But every year I love hearing those phone ins where people tell of all the weird and wonderful ways they manage to celebrate birthday’s whilst still embracing Christmas.

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Should you make party food healthier?

So tell us – how do you balance healthy eating with the normally sugary and unhealthy party snacks?  Is Top Hats and Cheesy puffs in your house?  Or Sushi and Quinoa?  And if you have any tried and tested healthy party snacks please be sure to share them with us 🙂

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