Bear Club FAQs Answered - Kids Bee Party

Bear Club FAQs

What we’re asked most about our Make a Bear Parties and Kits?

How much does a Make a Bear Party cost?

Bear Making Parties with a party host start at £99 for up to 5 children. If your budget is lower our Bear Making Kits for Parties are an excellent option. Once we find out exactly what you need and for how many children, we are able to provide you with a no hidden extras price. Parties can be as big as you like, and our party hosts will talk to you about how long you’d like us to entertain the children for, how many children, and whether you’d like to add the sand art on too, or go for the full unlimited option.

What is recommended age range for your make a bear parties?

We recommend for children aged 6+. Bears can be made and enjoyed by children younger but it really does require one adult/helper for each of the children, and we do find that their attention span tends to be too short for the value that of the product.  We would recommend our Sand Art parties for younger children, or if you have toddlers a big room for them to run around in instead – but also, talk to our party consultants about our Water Colour play – because that is really good fun with toddlers.

Bear Club build your own bear birthday parties are most popular with primary school aged kids. We find that although older children enjoy the bear experience just as much, it’s not really something that they would choose for a birthday party.

Can you come to Weddings, Anniversaries, and Christenings?

Yes, Yes Yes! Make a Bear activities are absolutely perfect for parties and gatherings where you have lots of different people of different ages.

Imagine this, instead of tired frazzled kids running and flaking in the middle of the dance floor when the wedding speeches are on, they are instead sat round quiet and calm, with one of our party hosts who will help them make a teddy bear that they will forever remember as being from your wedding or celebration. Creating a teddy and memory to cherish (as well as giving their parents the opportunity to enjoy catching up with family and friends whilst their kids are happily occupied) is the ideal children’s entertainment for weddings, christenings and other celebrations

What venue is suitable for a Make a Bear Party?

We come to you. So if you are hiring a venue we can come there, but Bear making works just as well at home – in fact we would highly recommend just sitting in a circle on your living room floor – no special equipment required.

How much space do you need?

Whatever you have, we can work with that. The space we need depends on how you want to set out the party – so this is why our party hosts prefer to talk things through with you before confirming prices. If it’s a small party we can simply use the space on your kitchen table, or your living room floor.   And if the weather is good we can take it all out in the garden, or a gazebo, we’re very flexible.

Is it messy?

No, its not messy.  There may be a small amount of craft bits and bear stuffing on the floor, but nothing messy and easily cleaned up in 2 minutes – and our party hosts will do this before they leave.

Do you offer midweek parties?

Some of our party consultants offer discounts for mid week bear making parties, and can be an ideal alternative for busy summer weekends. And just think how much more special it is for the children to have their party on their actual birthday rather than the weekend before or after it.

How much booking notice do you need?

Weekends in the summer tend to get booked up very very quickly, so we recommend you talk to us early to secure your desired party date.

Vegan friendly

Kids Bee Happy products are vegan friendly.

Do you cater for allergies?

Our products are all produced to toy safety standard EN71. The teddies and stuffing are made from polyester and man-made fibres, so if a child has an associate allergy this may not be for them.