All kids love a bubble bath, but if you have one of the 1.7 million children in the UK that experience eczema it might be just one of those things that your children get to miss out on.

However, an exciting, colourful and fun range of products from Kids Bee Happy help ensure that even if children can’t have the fun of the bubbles, they can have more fun by experimenting with lots of different colour water.

Made from natural and gentle bicarbonate of soda, the Risso bath powders from Kids Bee Happy colour the water with bright primary colours, you can use as little or as much as you like, but unlike bath bombs, the fun doesn’t stop when you add it to the water, in fact that’s where the fun begins!

Mix and swirl the different colours together and they blend. Mix yellow and blue to make green, mix blue and purple to get red, or do what one of our fab younger customers did and mix huge amounts of everything together and make dinosaur swamp water 😀